a small notebook

Their return to the working world came easily enough though waking up earlier than usual in the morning after having lounged about for the past almost month was something of a nag. At the very least, as far as Agni seemed concerned, waking up early that one particular morning proved to be a chore. He blamed the game he had played well into the night despite that he had told himself not to.

He groaned, sighed and complained as he got up, had himself a shower, some breakfast and eased into the car as it idled quietly in front of their building. In front of him, Armin was sitting, looking bright-eyed and he couldn’t blame him, Agni could only imagine how much the man wanted to be back to work and in that brand new, so to speak, library. At his side, Mira was scribbling something in a notebook and he ignored it. He didn’t know what his brother was up to and he didn’t much care to know at that point, all he wanted was some coffee, despite that he hated the stuff with a passion. It would give him a boost.

Finally, Cyrille settled into the driver’s side, apologizing briefly for delaying their trip out.

“Can we stop somewhere for some drive through caffeine on the way?” Agni mumbled, rubbing his eyes somewhat as Cyrille eased the car back into the street. There was a shared look between driver and front-seat passenger and Armin nodded. This alone had Agni go limp against his seat, his eyes fluttering shut for a few moments, at least he’d have some caffeine.

They drove up to the coffee shop’s drive through, ordering a few pastries along with one coffee, two teas and one smoothie. Payment was given, the small box of pastries and the tray with all drinks offered through the window before they were driving on their way to the new library.

The protective construction fence was finally gone, the snow had been ploughed out of the parking lot and the stairs had been de-iced the day before. Or at least it all looked that way. Armin recalled the fence still being there after they’d unpacked all of the books, along with the still snow-covered parking lot and the stairs. Eoghan had muttered about the stairs and added some ice crystals to them to help them along.

Mira nudged his brother when the car was parked at the end of the driveway. Agni blinked himself to awareness once more and climbed out of the car with a sigh and a grumble. He didn’t feel like a morning person at that very moment and he didn’t want to work though he knew he couldn’t stay on vacation forever though it had been nice to just lounge about and play his games without being bothered by anything or anyone while he did.

Agni watched his brother round the car up to Armin’s side, offering to take the boxed pastries and the tray of drinks from the man. He smiled, his eyes clear and bright and for a few moments, Agni resented his brother’s ability to be so bright-eyed so early in the morning. He knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault but his own and that no one had forced him to stay up late playing his game, he couldn’t just blame everyone for his exhaustion. He was the only culprit.

Grumbling, he wandered off towards the side door Eoghan had told them about when they’d come to unpack the books. It would bring them inside the building from nearly the back of it and would give them time to settle in before opening the door to their brand new visitors.

Cyrille joined him after a few moments while Mira stayed at Armin’s side, his hands full between his notebook, their tray of steaming drinks and the pastry that would hopefully put some sweetness to counter the taste of coffee Agni knew he’d have to drink down for the sake of awareness.

They all stepped inside, marvelling at the warmth of the place. They let Armin take the lead, following him quietly though Agni snagged his cup of coffee from the tray and took a few quick drinks from it. He winced at the taste but appreciated the heat that spread inside of him. It would do its job, he knew.

At the front desk, the box of pastry and the tray with the remaining three drinks were set down. Mira gathered all the coats and went into the back to hang everything up. Armin rounded the desk, settling down in front of his computer with a soft sigh of content. He felt as though he was home again, it was a wonderful sort of sensation.

“All right, everyone eat up your pastry before heading off into the rows. I can imagine it will be quiet for a few days and it should help us put the books in a bit more order though I noticed they were kept mostly in order in the boxes they’d been set in, for that I appreciate. Before you all disappear into your rows, Agni I’d like to have a word with you, if you’d please?”

Mira took a pastry from the box, putting it on a napkin. He set the napkin on his notebook, took his smoothie and walked off to the furthest rows of books. Cyrille followed suit, taking a pastry from the box, setting it on a napkin, taking his tea and wandering off after Mira.

Armin looked at Agni for a quiet moment, the twin rubbing his eyes and sipping at his coffee with a sigh. “I can see you’re exhausted, Agni and I can imagine that this is a bit hard for you this morning. I can let it slip of the first few days of our return but if you keep on coming into work exhausted, we’re doing to have to figure something out, all right?”

Agni blinked, frowning as he tried to wrap his mind around what he was being told. After a long moment, he nodded slowly and mumbled an apology. “Gotten so used to playing games until late in the night, I told myself I have to get back on schedule but I didn’t really manage tonight, I’ll work on that this week, I promise.”

“That’s good enough for me, go on, get your pastry and see about the shelves on that side, if they need any straightening.”

“Mira?” Cyrille turned around one set of shelves, hoping to see where the twin had disappeared to. He’d been following closely enough but Mira had stepped into one particular aisle and when Cyrille had made it there, the teen no longer was visible.
“Two down and to the left of where you are.” Came the soft reply. Cyrille followed the instructions and the voice, coming to stand behind Mira who was standing by the window, gazing out into the quiet morning.

“We all were pretty much in a rush this morning, I think the only alarm clock that didn’t fail to ring was yours.” Cyrille murmured with a soft chuckle as he gazed out the window for a few seconds. “So I didn’t get to ask and I just want to ask, how are you this morning?”

He’d had plenty of timer to ask Agni that question, had gotten a few grunts in answers. The fire-born teen had looked exhausted and Cyrille knew he hadn’t imagined the sounds of the game floating distantly into his room, he could only assume Mira had heard them as well though he looked much more rested.

“I’m good, thank you. It’s so strange to be back to work though I can’t complain, I missed helping out this way. This new building is going to take a lot of getting used to but that’s for the best.” He leaned against the wall, finishing up his pastry and licking his fingers clean as he did. “Agni though, he looks like hell and I know he played his game well into the night. I had to close my door though the warm breeze that went around was nice, so it took a while before I did decide to close it.”

“Good, I feel bad that Agni looks so tired but he’s the only one to blame for that. Ready to make sure all the books are really where they belong?”

Mira nodded though he opened his notebook and wrote down a few things in there. Cyrille tried to look over his shoulder but Mira shook his head, closing the notebook and putting his pencil down along with his smoothie on the window sill. It would be safe there for the time being. “Let’s get this place up and running the way it should.”


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