Curled miserably on the couch, Agni tries to ignore the churning of his stomach. He looks at the empty container of sour candy with reproach, as though it had ruined his whole life before he closes his eyes with another groan. He feels pathetically ill and it is most unpleasant.

This is a first in his life and he wishes he would never have to go through it again. He knows there is nothing he can do about it at that moment but live through it and learn from his mistakes.

Not far from him, he hears his brother and their friend talk together, their voices are low, whispered notes that he can’t focus on. He breathes in and out slowly through his nose, not much caring to breathe through his mouth else he throw up again in the trash bin they’ve left not far from him.

“What happened, exactly?” Cyrille looks over to the curled teenager before he looks away. They have wrapped Agni in a blanket and left a bin next to him, in case he feels the need to throw up again. He doubts there is much left to throw up as he’s rather certain that all the sour candy he’d eaten has already come back up.

“He had bought the container of that sour candy he loves so much in order to celebrate, we went through our exams for history, the last ones we were meant to go through, I passed mine with flying colours but he failed his. Just by a few points but he failed and Eoghan said he’d have to take it again. Cue him stuffing his face with his candy to forget the bad news.”

“Mira, I was gone for all of half an hour, you’re telling me he ate through all of his candy in half an hour?”

“Twenty minutes, I’d say.”

“No wonder he’s sick. You want to keep an eye on him while I head back down to the store? I know what to get him, he needs to at least keep hydrated and in a way that’ll stay down.”

Mira shrugs gently, a wry smile finding his lips though he sighs and closes his eyes, rubbing the back of his neck as he does. “I have nowhere else to be though I was thinking of asking Eoghan or Armin for a miracle remedy if there’s any. Just come back soon, please.”

“I’ll be in and out, I’ll head to the closest corner store and once I’m back and trying to get him to drink the stuff, you can head up and check in with Eoghan to see if he might know something though I don’t think there’s much we can do, else than keep him hydrated.”

“He what?” Eoghan frowns as he lets Mira in, closing the door behind him and walking him to the kitchen.

“When you brought us our test results back, he started eating his way through that big container of sour candy he’s bought. Now I’m pretty sure he’s thrown it all back up already but he’s miserable and he can barely take a few steps without feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up again. Cyrille got him some sports drink of sorts, he said it was to help him stay hydrated but I wanted to check with you to know if there was anything we could make for him or give him that would help him along.”

“That is one poor coping mechanism.” Muttering, Eoghan looks through his herbs and spices, knowing he might have something he can put together to at least help a little though he knows it won’t be much. It could soothe the stomach enough, at least. “I can probably manage to prepare him a mix of herbs to steep in hot water, a tea that could help his stomach settle down. I would feel better knowing it came from Simon at the shop but that would take longer to get to him and back, then steep it all up than it is for me to try to recall the ingredients. Can you get some water heating on the stove? We’ll prepare it up here and you can bring it down to him once it’s cooled.”

Mira nods, filling the kettle with water and setting it on the cooking top to heat up. With that done, he steps back and out of the way as he only watches Eoghan. The man digs through his spices, most of them Mira still has never heard off and he puts little quantities of this and that into a tea bag.

After five or so minutes, he nods and closes the bag, sealing it with its little string to pull the top closed. He sets it in a large pitcher and Mira blinks at him, opening his mouth to ask his question but closing it when Eoghan chuckles softly and shakes his head. “I’m preparing more than less, that way you’ll have extra to give him throughout the day. About a cup of the stuff should be enough for a few hours and it can be taken hot or cold, it’s what’s in the bag that helps.”

Eoghan knows it’s not perfect, far from, Simon would have known better but the herbal shop is nearly at the other side of the town and it would have taken them too long to get there.

Once the water is boiling, Eoghan fills the pitcher up to the brim, drops the tea bag in it and sets a five minute timer on the microwave, letting it count down, second by second until it beeps. Once it does, he pulls the bag out and sits in on a plate to the side. He puts a cloth around the pitcher and offers it over. “It is going to be piping hot but it should cool down a little bit by the time you’ve gone back down. Just fill in a glass three-quarter full for him and have him drink it up. He might not like the taste but he has no choice if he wants to get better, hear me?”

“Thank you, Eoghan.”

“You’re welcome, now get.”

“That stuff smells pretty bad.” Cyrille leans over the still somewhat steaming glass of tea, scrunching up his nose as the smell of it. Mira shrugs gently, leaving the pitcher on the counter to allow it to finish cooling down. He then takes the glass to his brother, kneeling down next to him.

Agni looks at him, misery all over his face, he scoots up just slightly, barely, so he can at least be mostly vertical and he curls his fingers around the warm glass.

“This is going to taste pretty bad but you have to drink it all down. Eoghan said it will help your stomach feel better. I have more and you’ll likely be needing more throughout the day but only some hours apart. It all depends on how you’ll feel.” Mira sighs but steps back and away, letting his brother sip slowly at the cup. He utters not a single word but it is written all over his face that whatever is in there tastes terrible.

Cyrille watches from a distance, trying not to feel guilty. He is the one who helped the twins discover these candies. Of course, Mira cares little for them but Agni’s adoration for the sour little bites have obviously turned to a bad thing. He wonders if the teen will ever eat another sour candy again after this little issue, however. He shakes his head at the thought, hoping that Agni has learned his lesson well enough that he will leave those candies be, at least for a while yet.

When his glass is empty, Agni sets it down, feeling his stomach already settling down somewhat, despite the terrible taste in his mouth. His throat no longer burns from all the throwing up he has done. He cares little for what little he has ingested but he can understand natural medicine to a point and knows it’s for his own good.

“I’ll help you study for the next test, Agni. I looked at your test answers and it’s mostly a few numbers you’ve switched around, stuff you know but probably didn’t notice were written jumbled up.” Mira’s voice is soft but Agni ignores him for the time being, not even wanting to think about the test for the time being. He knows he didn’t fail by much but still he failed and it annoys him to no end.


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