Spring was finally beginning to settle in. The snow was melting little by little, uncovering things that might have been lost within its wet and cold arms for the past few months. On this one particular day, the first show of spring’s return was the rain. Armin had woken up to the little platter of raindrops falling against his windows.

To him, it had been a beautiful sight, a sign that warmth was returning to their lives and that their chances of another snowfall was lessening with every passing day. He had no issues with snow, he loved it to a point but when there was enough slow that he had to struggle to get through it with his crutch, there just was too much for him to love it anymore.

As they all walked into the library from the backdoor, Mira lingered outside, his face turned up to the sky, his face set to elation as still cold raindrops fell and hit him. He laughed and Cyrille had to step back outside to snag his wrist to drag him inside. “It’s still cold as can be for a spring day out there, Mira, we had to deal with your brother being sick almost two weeks ago, I’d rather you not get sick too though I know you’re a pretty quiet and calm sick from what I’ve heard.”

Mira pouted at him somewhat but went inside with the tugging. He wiped his face clean and dry of the water and his feet of the dirt. There were mud puddles everywhere at this point, between the snow melting and the rain now adding up to it. The last thing he wanted was to track mud into their beautiful library.

They had more visitors now than he could ever recall seeing during the regular hours, it was warming to know that this place was better in every way. It was warmer, it had more room, the lights were brighter, there just was nothing negative about it all except that some people had mentioned that it was a little further out of their way but that they appreciated all the good changes enough that it wasn’t such a bad thing.

“Had to drag him inside again, huh? Just you wait, this summer, we’ll have to drag him inside whenever it rains and he’ll be soaked to the bone and you’d think he’d have just gotten done getting laid for how he acts.” Agni snickered softly, Mira blinking at him and rolling his eyes.

“It’s not as though you’d know how it feels to feel pleasure this way, Agni. I’m pretty sure you still haven’t even learned to give yourself a hand in the morning or in the afternoon or whenever your body seems to request it.”

“I have too jerked off before.”

Cyrille could only look between the siblings, amused in ways he couldn’t begin to explain. This was hardly the kind of discussion to have in a library and he could only be glad that they weren’t actually opened to their visitors yet. “Honestly guys, you’re having a fight about who knows how to jerk off best? That is so last season.”

He laughed, the sound soft and low before he walked off to head to the front so they could put all of their coats away. The twins exchanged a look, stuck their tongue out to one another and followed him to the front where Armin was already looking through the books that had been dropped in overnight.

“Now that you three are done talking about I’m not sure what way at the back over there, I’m sure one of you wouldn’t mind helping me sort through these books while the other two go about unlocking out front doors, yes?”

The day went by without much of a hitch following the opening of the doors, visitors came in, some went to the computers, a few parents dropped their kids off into the children’s area while they sought out the books they had come from, some settled into the reading sections and others simply came, found their books, stopped by the front desk and stepped back out into the grey day.

Mira kept their earlier discussion out of his mind as he placed books back where they belonged and made sure that others he found in places they weren’t meant to be went back to their own shelves as well. The work was routine in its own way but he didn’t mind. He could work without worrying that his fingers might try to fall off or that the heat might get so bad he’d feel like fainting because of it. The place was beautiful, there was low, almost inaudible classical music playing from placed speakers all over the place, it was so soft it could almost be forgotten about.

Agni didn’t step anywhere near him, keeping to his side of the library. He was brooding somewhat, not much caring to talk about his private life in the way they had while at the back of the library. Perhaps it just had felt too unfamiliar, this sudden step into a world he hadn’t really tried to discover yet. Of course he had lied to cover himself. He didn’t much see any need to touch himself yet though there had been mornings when he had woken up hard. He’d only ignored it, turning to the aid of a cold shower to get it to go away. He really was only waiting for the right time to try, that was all.

He doubted Mira had tried anything either, maybe he was only putting on airs so their friend wouldn’t think them slow to discover that side to life. He didn’t know and he didn’t care much. Eventually he did let go of the whole thing, focusing instead of checking books over and putting them where they belonged.

As they closed the doors, that afternoon, the rain had stopped, replaced by a fine mist that shrouded their surroundings in a pale cloak. Cyrille drove them back home, careful of where he went since he couldn’t see too far ahead of himself. It was just one of those things he didn’t care much about when spring came around. Spring and autumn both had days of mist turning to heavy fog that made getting anywhere impossible as he couldn’t even see his hands in front of his face. It was nowhere near that bad at that point but he was glad when he parked the car in the building’s driveway.

“You guys go up first without me, I need to help Armin bring in a box of book into his apartment and I’ll be up once that’s in.” Cyrille stepped around the car and to the back, he popped open the trunk and hefted the box out of it, moving towards the building itself. Armin was not far from him but it was Mira who opened up the door for him.

Cyrille stepped inside and Mira stepped out of the way, holding the door open so both Armin and Agni could step inside as well. Once all were within, he released the door. Cyrille stepped down the hallway, Armin a few paces behind him and Agni was turning to head up the stairs. Mira looked between the three a moment before he followed his brother up.

“I’m sorry for this morning, Agni. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. My mouth went off before I could really think it through.” Mira stopped at the top of the stairs, curling his fingers around his brother’s wrist to stop him as well so they could talk. He knew he could have waited until they were in the apartment but he felt bad, had felt bad since lunch had rolled around and it had weighed on his mind since then.

Agni blinked at him, looking down to his caught wrists though he didn’t try to pull them away. He knew he couldn’t be mad at his brother, not for long. The longest had only been a few days and it had been back there, when Mira had decided that they needed their own separate rooms.

“It’s okay. You caught me by surprise. This is just one of those things I hadn’t honestly really given any thought about and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it where we were. I guess, if you want to, we could talk about it tonight though, I mean, it’s not a subject I can imagine brothers talking about but we’ve never really hidden anything from one another before so it wouldn’t be such a bad discussion to have, would it?” He shrugged, a little uncomfortable by what he was offering, what he was asking.

Mira tilted his head to the side, he released his brother’s wrist and enfolded him in his arms, hugging him tightly. Only a heartbeat passed before Agni was returning that hug, a fierce hold on his brother. They only parted ways after Cyrille had made it up the stairs and stopped next to them, a look of worry settled into his face. The twins shook their head a moment, resting their forehead together.

“We’ve been drifting apart for a while, I think it’s time for a good and long discussion about where we are in our lives. We should do that more often to this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.” Agni murmured those words before they straightened.

“We’re fine, Cyrille, I promise. I think we just both realized we’ve been a bit distant to one another lately and we found out how to fix it, I promise.”

“I just don’t want you guys to not be friends anymore, that’s all I honestly want. I need the three of us together.”

“We’re not going anywhere, are we, Mira?”

“Nowhere at all that isn’t right here with the two of you. Let’s head in, I’m starving, we can have ourselves something to eat and then we can sit down and just talk and then talk some more.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Do you guys want to do this with just the two of you and should I make myself sparse?” Cyrille headed back to their door, opening it for them as he did. They stepped inside, quiet for a few moments. Mira shook his head first.

“I think we can have this discussion all three of us together.”


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