“You’re already starting up another box?” Yael looked up from the box he had sat out just against the wall of their guest room. It was empty most of the time so he didn’t feel too bad about putting the box there, it wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.

“Well, when we came back from dropping stuff off last time, I realized there still had been plenty of stuff I’d left behind that I didn’t really use so I thought I’d put them somewhere for a while. Earlier today I found that box again and I looked into it, still filled with stuff I didn’t need anymore so I brought it back out and here it is now. I know where it is so when I find something I know I don’t use and I’m sure you don’t use, it’ll go in there.”

“You know, I don’t think there’s anyone out there more generous than you.” To Quentin’s softly spoken words, Yael blushed and ducked his head. He shrugged lightly, rubbing the back of his mind. He knew it was just how he was. He certainly didn’t go out of his way to give these things to people. It was just one of those things. He bought stuff he thought he would use but ended up not using it. There was no point in keeping things like these in the house. If he really, absolutely needed them, he’d get the item back.

Most of what was in the box or what ended up in the box over time were little things, inexpensive trinkets for the most part. Clothes still in good conditions that simply were not being worn, either because they were too big or just too small though the latter was rather rare in his case. He was long since done growing up and no amount of exercise or food would get him to put on more weight than he had at this point in his life.

After living for two years together, he had gained as much weight as he ever would and he knew he still had himself a lot of sharp angles he wouldn’t lose. He was thin, he’d been thin for most of his life and his metabolism kept him thin. Quentin was a little heavier though not so much fat as there were no bony edges to him.

“I’m just putting stuff in there that we don’t use and you know this as well as I do. At times we’ll be out buying things, we’ll see something, go ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaaah’ over it, buy it, bring it home and we won’t use it at all because we have no use for it.” He shrugged, finally standing up again and stretching as he did.

“Well I think you’re still absolutely generous and I love you for it. I guess we could go through my stuff for a change, I know I have a slowly growing collection of clothes and there’s stuff I no longer wear. I think it’s all stuff I stopped wearing when you entered my life.” With a laugh, Quentin turned around and headed down the hallway, Yael not quite at his heels though he wasn’t far behind. He knew Quentin kept a trunk of old things stored at the end of their closet and he’d never really peeked into it.

“If it wasn’t for the nature of the things I keep in my special box, I think a lot of that stuff would end up being given away too but I can’t imagine that would be looked at very well.” He laughed, his cheeks still somewhat pink as Quentin pulled the old trunk out of the closet with something of a grunt.

“I’m pretty sure people would buy the stuff, just because it was on sale but I can’t picture the folks who take the stuff in to sell it would even set it up and out there, they’d probably just throw it out. Shame though, I like most of them, not that I’ve seen them in use but I think that in time we’ll get there.”

Of course, that only served to bring a deeper blush to Yael’s cheeks and he stuck his tongue out. “Let’s have a look at what’s inside that trunk of yours. Who knows, I might steal a piece or two.”

“I don’t know about that, love, for one, unless you’ve forgotten, I’m shorter than you and a lot of this stuff is stuff I bought while I was making my way here from Siberia. So it’s old, it’s worn though not too badly worn but it’s all for someone a couple of inches shorter than you and I know you prefer your shirts long.” “Details, details.”

Most of the clothes in the trunk ended up being folded and put into the box, efficiently filling it up to the very top. Yael closed it and made a note to head out into their little shed to get another one eventually. Considering how cold it was out right now, he didn’t much feel like getting dressed up just to head out back to gather a box from the shed. Once he’d need something else from there, he would get to it.

“You could almost hide someone in there. Plus, that trunk is honestly beautiful, Quentin. It’s old but it’s in good condition, it could look good at the food of the bed, what do you think?” Yael had spent more time looking at the trunk itself than he had looking at the clothes Quentin had pulled out from said trunk.

“I guess we could. I don’t much see the point to it being there, though.”

“Well, we could use it to store other things. Like our winter coats and winter blankets and all the rest in summer. In winter we could store our summer sheets, the swim suits though maybe not, we use those anyway but you know what I mean. We could put a blanket on top of it and I’m sure the cats would love to have somewhere else to sprawl at.”

Quentin looked at the chest again for a long moment, looking completely uncertain though he sighed after a minute. “I guess you’re right. Want to work your magic on it? It does have a few scuffs and stains, I know how well you worked these antique bird cages you’d found, I bet you could do miracles with this thing. While you’d do that, I could see about weaving us a nice, thick blanket to set up there, just for the cats.”

Yael tilted his head to the side, looking the trunk over one last time before he smiled, oh he smiled, a bright, pleased sort of smile. “I can work something out with it though I still want to keep its old look, I’ll just scrub it and maybe sand it just a tiny little bit but that’s all I’m going to do.”

“You’re the one doing all the hard work so you decide what you do with it. If you want to stain it another colour, I’m sure we can talk someone into driving us into town so we can get a can or two, I can’t imagine we should be walking cans of wood stain or paint out in this temperature too long so a car might be best.”

Again, Yael studied the trunk, looking at it from this angle and that one. “For now, I think just a bit of sanding and a gentle scrub to get it clean. We can stain it next year.”

Next year it would be. Quentin knew when Yael had made his mind and on particular things, he didn’t argue about them. Yael was the artist of the two of them and he knew what he was doing with what he had on hand. It would be a work of art one way or the other and that is all that counted, in the long run.